Carr Johnston is the man behind Sounds Creative, a company that has been crafting unique and memorable messages for its clients for over 20 years. He has lived and worked all over Canada and the US, gaining and sharing his experience and insight with the countless businesses that have come across his path

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Carr has negotiated millions of dollars in media placement and knows how to stretch your dollar. Over the years, Carr has received training in public speaking with Dr. Joe Connell, how to negotiate with Karrass along with the grass roots sales training from Xerox.

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From creating AdTel messages for your telephone system to in-store messaging to broadcast including radio and television as well outdoor, Sounds Creative always aims to produce creative that keeps on driving people to buy.

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If you catch yourself singing along to those catchy jingles you hear on the radio and television, you already know Carr’s work. Inspired many (many!) moons ago by Darrin on Bewitched, Carr decided he wanted to make his mark in the world by creating commercials that people remembered and that companies could count on to help move their products.